“Great News from Around the World”


Our mission was to create a new communication concept for KLM’s Nordic market, from their new global position caring, and to produce an idea that could strengthen the brand relation and increase the brand awareness.


Traveling has a social function to the world. For every experience we have, the more connected we feel. For every meeting between people, the level of trust and wellbeing increases – both individually and globally. By finding a way to convey these feelings of togetherness and friendliness in a society that has been challenged to its very foundation by a number of terrifying events, we can make people believe in what KLM believes in – caring.


We chose to recruit three flying reporters, who during three months traveled the world to report Great News From Around the World. That made it possible for us to show real examples of what KLM believes in, and what the world truly has to offer.

During three months we shared more than 100 Great News stories

We made it possible to show real examples of what KLM believes in