“Ursäkta att vi stör”


We wanted to highlight what affects the pension and encourage the people of Sweden to turn to the Pensionsmyndigheten (Swedish Pensions Agency). The challenge was to get those at risk of getting a lower pension, essentially part-time workers, self-employers and those without occupational pensions, to log on to pensionsmyndigheten.se
and make a forecast.


There is generally a low interest in the pension, and many tend to postpone it
to the future.


We created a documentary about “Riskgruppen” (the Risk Group), a punk band consisting of representatives from the different risk groups to get maximum attention for an otherwise rather boring subject. Their song “Ursäkta att vi stör” (We’re sorry for bothering) is based on the insight that the pension is something people generally do not want to deal with. The documentary was produced in three episodes with trailers pointing towards logging on to pensionsmyndigheten.se where you can see your entire pension. “Riskgruppen” also has its own music video, which can be found on the band’s own website riskgruppen.se

Amount of people who logged on to pensionsmyndigheten.se increased by 25%

Check out the band website below